Quick Track Reciever-6000 Package DealQuick Track Reciever-6000 Package Deal
Price: $850.00

The QTR-6000M package comes with the QTR 6000 mounted on the antenna, a padded carrying case, and a free QTC-XL (one year warranty) tracking collar. To order this package, please just add the QTR-6000 to your shopping cart. Then go to the QTC-XL link in the collars heading and add the frequency of collar you want. Please note that you will not be charged for this collar unless you want a tree switch added to the collar (will add $15 to your total).

The QTR-6000M

The QTR-6000M receiver is built for the serious dog hunter. It contains the latest state-of-the-art integrated circuitry for maximum sensitivity and noise suppression. It offers clear, audible chirping signals with 30 percent more speaker volume than most receivers. In addition, the signal strength meter responds to the slightest signal impulse for fast, accurate tracking. The meter will also test the amount of battery life remaining.

The QTR-6000M is powered by an easily replaceable 9-volt battery for a cost of less than $5.00, and the battery will operate approximately four to six months under normal use.

The QTR-6000M is lightweight and portable. Most people prefer it mounted on the antenna for quick and easy access to tracking. It is also vehicle compatible with a roof-mount antenna and works well from within a vehicle.

The QTR-6000M has a three position range selector switch found only on QTR-6000M receivers. No other receiver on the market has this feature. This allows the receiver to track close, medium, or long range, allowing a determination of approximate distance to your hound. The Close setting will track up to 1/4 mile, Medium up to 1 mile, and Long Range gives maximum signal reception.

The QTR-6000 now has a new feature. It now has an internal "super amp" built into the main circuit board. This new feature will allow you gain anywhere from 1/2 - 1 mile more on your range when using this system.

Hunters have performed numerous field tests with the QTR-6000M and determined that this receiver, when paired with our QT collars, normally tracks out to a distance of five to ten miles in the long range position (determined by terrain). This receiver will allow you to track up to 600 hounds.

The QTR-6000M represents the best value of any receiver on the market today. This receiver will allow you to track any collar in the 216, 217, 218, 219, 220, or 221 frequencies. The receiver is covered for defects in manufacturing for a period of three full years.


The QTC-XL will offer you six to eight years of maintenance-free service from the battery. After that time, the collar can be service and reconditioned for a small fee. The antenna is made of non-corrosive stainless steel cable that is virtually unbreakable. The QTC-XL carries a full one year warranty. This means if any part fails to operate properly during the first year you own it, we will REPLACE OR REPAIR IT AT NO CHARGE. We are the only company that offers such an outstanding warranty on their collars. Many of our customers choose the QTC-XL due to the OUTSTANDING RANGE, WEIGHT, AND YEARS OF MAINTENANCE FREE SERVICE IT OFFERS.

Long Range
1 Year Warranty

The Yagi Antenna

Rugged three element folding antenna, has safety tips on antenna elements, foam handle and welded joints for maximum range and reception.

This is the antenna enables you to mount your QTR-M receiver to the antenna and it will come with a short coax cable (12 inch).

The Padded Carrying Case

Holds receiver, antenna, and collar. Durable exterior with foam padded interior liner for maximum protection of your equipment.
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