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Dan's Hunting Boots and Hunting Frog Hip Waders dans five star frogleg

Dan's Frog legs

Dan's Froglegs boot chap detail
DAN’S FROGLEGS are constructed using an outer layer of stout material that is lined with very water repellent nylon to help stop any moisture that gets through the outer-layer, plus they easily turn briars. The nylon goes all the way down to the lower ankle of the boot, providing the boots and your legs with protection from sharp sticks and briars. They are carefully made, and then sewn and sealed to the boots of your choice.
Dan’s Froglegs can be attached to your belt using the adjustable straps, or folded down and snapped at your knees using the snaps in the leggins and the boots.


camo patterns - special order only - MC2 Pink Camo & HTC-Fall

#615 Dan’s Briar Lightweight Chap

Nylon Leggins with adjustable straps and snaps. We carefully sew and seal them to the boots of your choice. A very lightweight chap. (Order Code: 615 LW, Lightweight)

#665 Dan’s Brush Buster Heavyweight Chap

Tougher and longer lasting but also a little heavier and not as flexible. The outer layer 1000 Denier Cordura is twice as thick and tough as our lightweight briar chap with adjustable straps and snaps. We sew and seal them to the boots of your choice. Heavyweight

Dan’s Snake Protector Chap #663

Snake protector chaps are made out of the same tough material as the Brush Buster, but come with triple layers to give the protection from the snakes.Dan's cannot assume the responsibility from injury as result of using this product, as a protection from snakes. Comes with adjustable straps and snaps and are sewn and sealed to the boots of your choice.

#685 Dans Five Star Chap #685

Here is some heavy duty protection when the last thing you want is soaked, scratched legs. Whether you are hunting in the brambles, tall wet grass and swamp land, or need protection from grease and dirty substances, these rugged chaps will keep you high and dry. The nylon is the same fabric as the former Wick Outdoor Works. They come standard with waterproof lining and double stitching at all seams, and are sewn and sealed to the boot of your choice. A nylon strap with a plastic 3/4" buckle easily attaches to your belt. Color: (Brown) Made in U.S.A

dans frog legs hip waders hunting waders burly knee boots

To determine the size you need, measure over your jeans around the largest part of your leg at your upper thigh then add 2" or 3" to that measurement. For inseam, take off your shoes and measure from the floor to your crotch. If you’re in-between sizes, most folks go to the shorter length.

Custom Sizes for FROGLEGS: For a $10.00 extra charge we will custom make Dan’s Leggings to sizes not listed, but only if you understand and agree that they are a custom made, one-of-a-kind order and cannot be exchanged. On all custom orders we need your actual inseam, thigh, and calf measurement. Our boot sizing recommendations work for most folks, however, because of higher arches, insteps, wider or narrower feet, our guidelines may not work for everyone. If you’ve never worn the boots before, we suggest that you order the boots first to make sure they fit before ordering custom FROGLEGS. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.


Item #738

Built for durability, these boots feature natural rubber over insulating 3.5mm neoprene, and LaCrosse Alpha construction provides superior waterproof protection. Four-layer Quad Core technology offers cushioning and support, and the contoured Ankle Fit design prevents heel slippage. The adjustable back gusset and strap ensure a customized fit for various leg sizes. The boot also features a removable PU footbed and a protective shin guard. A 4XBurly outsole offers outstanding traction in snow, mud, and loose terrain. Realtree Xtra Green camo pattern.

  • LaCrosse® innovated Alpha technology by combining high quality rubber with naturally insulating neoprene resulting in a 100% waterproof, extremely durable, lightweight, comfortable and scent free boot
  • Bidirectional brush tuff puncture resistant upper material for long term durability against scuffs, puncture, and tears
  • 3.5 mm neoprene for warm to cooler climates
  • Increased breathe-ability and air circulation help keep your feet comfortable all day from our interior mesh anti-microbial lining and material perforation
  • Rubber cup outsole with built-in floatable non-exposed rubber mid sole add comfort and durable performance
  • Removable EVA foot bed adds cushioning for all day comfort
  • Cam-loc buckle supplies a customized fit and is easily adjustable to accommodate clothing
  • Mossy Oak® Infinity™ features unprecedented depth and detail with leaves, limbs, acorns, and branches to layered over actual images of the woods to break up a hunter’s silhouette
  • Mud Lite outsole provides superior traction with a low profile 90º heel, unique multi-directional lug pattern for excellent multi-surface grip and quick shedding of debris
  • Nylon shank 18" height 5.2 lbs per pair
Size: Chap Type: Thigh: Inseam:


# 739

Designed for comfort and durability. With a fiberglass arch, padded sole, one piece technology, and break away cleats, that makes this boot a top competitor for the best boot on the market. Available in insulated and non-insulated, you will be equipped for any condition or terrain that you will be exposed to.

739 Non Insulated Boot Only... $109.00

Size: Chap Type: Thigh: Inseam:

740 Insulated Boot Only... $119.00

Size: Chap Type: Thigh: Inseam:


Item # 742 742 Tingley Eva Boot (croc like boot)

70% Lighter than other waterproof rubber and PVC knee boots 100% Seamless waterproof construction Tiny air bubbles self insulate, keeping feet warmer in the cold and cooler in the heat.Great low temperature properties for flexibility and durability Cleated outsole design for good traction. Lightweight, removable polyurethane contour insole completes the comfort experience.





moisture wicking terry kint lining728 Grubs Stalking Boot $144 boot onlyGrubs stalking boot

Grub's footwear uses our self-insulating high grade INSUFOAM ULTRA Bootie construction which is both waterproof insulating and exceeds the long term effectiveness of waterproof membranes and lofted insulations. Making our boots more waterproof and giving them more stretch, so they fit more people, more of the time. Tough 5mm rubber shell, were the going gets tough we add our hardened toe and extra layer of rubber. Stalking boots can be worn with snow shoes, waling studs, and even basic crampons, now no conditions can stop your adventure.

Features Vibram's excellent Multisport out sole and Eva mid-sole, which gives grip on mud, snow, wet rock, and cement.

Size: Chap Type: Thigh: Inseam

grange non insulated green burley knee wellingtonby Lacrosse the Burley Knee Boot Ankle Fit Wader

716 The Ankle Fit Grange  by Lacrosse the Burley Knee Boot Ankle Fit Wader
Very popular green boots with ankle fit for better support; plus they won’t rub your heel or work your socks down. LaCrosse has modified the instep and ankle circumference to make them a little looser so they’re easier to get on and off . While these knee boots are slightly hard to get on and off , they’re lightweight and very comfortable to wear whether you’re walking through mud or climbing mountains.
Fiberglass shank for firm arch support. Comfortable, removable full cushion insole. Ribbed vamp for extra protection against snagging. The insulated Burly boots have a lightweight foam insulation to keep your feet warm and comfortable without heavy socks in the coldest weather if you’re moving. • Rubber-clad neoprene, very lightweight & comfortable • Naturally insulating 3.5 m.m. neoprenegrange air wale sole treadschevron tread for the insulated buly keee book




7160 Non-Insulated Boot Price: $84.00 options extra
Size: Chap Type: Thigh: Inseam:

716 Grange Insulated  94.00

Tread: Size: Chap Type: Thigh:


715 Black Knee Bootnon insulated black knee boot not ankle fitblack knee boot

These knee boots do NOT have the ankle fit so they’re very easy to get on and off . Helpful for folks with big ankles and calves, or with a high instep. Calf measures approximately 18" depending on the boot size.

We recommend ankle fit boots for everyone who can possibly wear them because they won’t rub your heel or work your socks down, however, these black boots are good boots for folks who can’t wear the ankle fit.

• Rubber protective toe cap and shovel arch guard.
• Fiberglass shank for firm arch support.
• Comfortable, removable full cushion insole.
• Ribbed vamp for extra protection against snagging.

The insulated black boots have a lightweight foam insulation to keep your feet warm and comfortable without heavy socks in the coldest weather if you’re moving.

715 - Lacrosse Non-Insulated Black Knee Boot:

Price:  Insulated $90.00 
Lacrosse Non-Insulated Black Knee Boot:

Size: Chap Type: Inseam

7150-Non Insulated $83.00 non Insulated

Size: Chap Type: Inseam

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